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Canadiens’ P.K. Subban Gives Concussion To A One-Month Old


The Montreal Canadiens are not only one of the oldest professional sports clubs in North America, but also the most successful NHL team of all time, winning the Stanley Cup a record 24 times. More recently, however, things haven’t been going great for the Habs and currently, they are 13th in the East. They have been playing a bit better as of lately, but they haven’t been exactly spectacular.

And now, they’ve started knocking out their fans. Their youngest fans to be more precise. On Sunday, a one-month old fan of the Canadiens was hit in the head with a puck, losing consciousness and getting rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Before you start fearing that we are just trying to bum you out, the girl is okay, she is perfectly healthy and recovering.

The hit took place at Bell Center where the Habs were holding practice. Like always following the practice, they threw pucks into the fans who came to see them work out and this time, the tradition took a turn for the worse. The puck in question bounced to and fro, finally finding its way to the head of Beatrice Meloche Maquilleuse who was probably witnessing her first NHL practice considering she was just one month old.

The girl, her parents and probably the entire Canadiens organization was lucky enough that other fans were calm and collected and that they got the help to come as quickly as it did. The girl was rushed to the hospital where she was treated for concussion. She is expected to make a full recovery and suffer no consequences of the event.

The girl’s mother Valérie took to Facebook to let everyone know her little “casserole” was okay and that she was grateful for all the help other people provided following the hit. She even posted a pic of the little Beatrice with the puck in her crib.

At first, it was not known who the was player that threw the said puck into the crowd, but in the meantime, it has been established that it was probably P.K. Subban, one of the Habs’ best players and best defensemen in the league. It goes without saying that Subban is over the moon little Beatrice is okay and there are some rumors that he might be paying the Meloche family a visit soon.

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