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Can Anyone Stop The Warriors On Their Way To A Record 73 Wins?


With less than half of the 2015-16 NBA Season in the books back in January, it became obvious to pretty much everyone that the Golden State Warriors might actually break the record set by the 95-96 Chicago Bulls team which won 72 games that season. At the moment, the Warriors stand at 55-5 and with 22 more games till the end of the regular season, it is looking more and more like they will end up with the record best regular season record of all time.

The reason we are talking about this is that the Warriors pulled out another victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder last night, proving that not even a duo like Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant can stand up to them. In the last three games, they beat OKC two times (once in Oklahoma) and they managed to beat the Atlanta Hawks at home even though Curry wasn’t playing. This was a three-game stretch where they could have easily lost at least one. But they didn’t.

In order for the Warriors not to at least tie the Bulls record, they would have to lose 6 out of the 22 games that are left before the playoffs start.  In those 22 games, they will play only 6 teams that are over .500 this season. Out of those 6 teams, the Memphis Grizzlies have lost Marc Gasol in the meantime and it is hard to imagine they will allow the Portland Trail Blazers to humiliate them again.

The only truly serious challenges are the three games against the San Antonio Spurs, two games against the Dallas Mavericks (purely because of Rick Carlisle) and maybe, only maybe, the game against the Los Angeles Clippers. Considering the fact only three of those games are away matchups for the Warriors and that the Spurs will most likely be resting their veterans going into playoffs, it is unlikely the Dubs will lose more than 2 or 3 of those games.

Everything else should be a walk in the park unless unexpected things should happen and they lose in Memphis or Utah. Considering the fact that the Grizzlies’ best player is down and that the Jazz are having their own set of problems these days, they should probably avoid these traps. Unless one of their “more important” players goes down with an injury, which is something no one wants to see, they will most probably break another record this year and cement their reputation as the best regular season squad in the history of the NBA.

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