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Calvin Johnson Says Classy Farewell To The NFL And His Fans


It’s been mere hours since the game of football lost one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time to retirement with Peyton Manning’s announcement and we are already losing yet another all-time great, easily one of the most spectacular wide receivers that have ever played the game, Calvin Johnson, who released a statement announcing his retirement.

Unlike Manning, the famous Megatron didn’t hold a press conference and he simply released a written statement. One of the first things he mentions in the statement is that people who know him will understand he is not the kind of guy to hold a presser. Immediately you know that this announcement was written by the man himself and not a PR team.

In his announcement, he barely mentions himself and his stellar career, instead thanking everyone he can remember, from the Detroit Lions owners and coaches to all the teammates he has played over the years, the fans, Motor City and of course, his family. He even apologized to the fans for not bringing the Championship to Detroit but he also added he is sure the team is heading in the right direction. In short, it is a classy statement and you can check it out in its entirety here.

Ever since he announced his retirement, fans and experts have been writing and talking about everything that Johnson accomplished in his 9 years in the league. Considering how much that is, it wouldn’t surprise us if this went on for days or even weeks.

The man, among other things, holds 15 different NFL records, including what is perhaps the most spectacular of them all, the one for the largest number of receiving yards in a single NFL season. The number? 1,964. Think about that number for a while.

From the very moment the league got a wind of Johnson, everyone knew that they were looking at someone spectacular. For instance, in the 2007 NFL Combine, Johnson placed in the 99th percentile for vertical jump and weight for a wide receiver. He placed in the 95th percentile in height, 92nd in 40 yard dash and he posted the best broad jump result of all time. These numbers, when combined, simply beggar belief.

And the best thing about him is that throughout the years filled with all kinds of adversities such as coaches and coordinators who often didn’t know how to use him and a number of injuries, Calvin Johnson never complained or put in subpar appearances. He did his thing. He beat opponents and he made his Lions better.

All the while posting some of the best numbers his positions has seen. A total class act and one of our all-time favorites. We wish you a fantastic retirement Megatron!

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