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Bulls Star Derrick Rose Gets Injured Again


Hey everyone, Derrick Rose is injured again! The Chicago Bulls star point guard just can’t seem to catch a break. Thankfully though, this time it’s not the lower part of his body that was injured.

Over the past two seasons, Rose has suffered a laundry list of knee, ankle, foot injuries. He has practically injured every part of the body you can injure below the waste. But this time, it’s his face. According to reports from Bulls camp, Rose caught an elbow to the face during practice and suffered an orbital fracture.

He was immediately taken to the Rush University Medical Center, where it was determined that he has a left orbital fracture and that he is going to need surgery. According to medical experts, the place of the fracture and how close it is to the eye will be the most important thing to look at when determining how long Rose will be out. Tough luck for the Bulls again.

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