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Bulls Butler Takes “Never Look Back” Saying Too Literally

Chicago Bulls forward Jimmy Butler really takes things to heart. He lives by the old adage that you should never look back at your past and always keep looking forward. But it seems that Butler might have taken this a little too literally.

According to a feature on the Bulls star written for Chicago Magazine, Butler takes the saying so literally that he has actually removed the rearview mirrors from his cars so that he can really never look back. That might be a little bit extreme, don’t you think Jimmy? Well, he’s been doing pretty good following this advice. He is in his mid-20s and just signed a $95 million contract.

We just hope that this will allow him to have a chauffeur, or at least buy a car that has really exceptional side mirrors on it. And with Derrick Rose hurt again, the Bulls are hoping that Butler doesn’t get into a car accident because of his disdain for looking back.

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