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Browns QB Manziel Throws Bottle At Heckler


Remember Johnny Manziel? The hyped Cleveland Browns quarterback who ended up playing below expectations last year and going to rehab this offseason. Well, he’s back in the news again, this time for allegedly throwing a water bottle at a heckler.

According to Cleveland news sources, Manziel was being heckled by an 18-year-old who was making fun of his career and telling the quarterback that he would never start a game in the NFL again. Manziel then proceeded to launch a water bottle into the fans general direction.

Thankfully, the bottle did not hit him, and the heckler is not going to press any charges. However, this seems to be yet another setback for the quarterback who everyone is saying is too immature to be the face of a franchise. According to Browns coaches, the quarterback has been putting in the time this offseason to improve his game, but that he has looked rusty in the first couple of OTAs.

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