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Bowl Game Upsets Validate College Football Playoff

Marshall v Ohio State

A lot of people were worried about whether this new college football playoff system would work well.

And it has proven that it will. Now we know who the two best teams in the country are – Ohio State and Oregon. The two teams will rightfully be playing for the national championship after their showings on Saturday.

Ohio State upset the Alabama and Oregon practically humiliated the undefeated Florida State Seminoles, putting up 59 points in the win.

The two teams will now face off on January 12 in Arlington, Texas to determine who the best college football team in the country is this year. The playoff has delivered so far, and college football fans hope that the championship game will be just as exciting.

Ohio State will have to try and stop Oregon’s high flying offense, who play faster and bigger than any opponent they have faced this year, Alabama included.

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