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Blue Jays Pitcher Lives In A Van

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox

Blue Jays pitcher Daniel Norris is not your average major league baseball player. He just got a $2 million dollar signing bonus this year, but didn’t buy a house or a sports car. He bought himself an old, yellow 1978 Westfalia van, which is where the 21-year-old currently lives.

Norris is a hot prospect on the mound, and is looking to making into Toronto’s starting rotation this year.

Asked why he lives this way during the off season, Norris said that he came from a simple lifestyle and that he does not want the fact that he is a professional baseball player to change that.Norris said that he has no need for luxury and loves living life on the road in his van, which he nicknamed “Shaggy.”

Like most players who spend some time in the minor leagues, Norris is used to moving from place to place as he went from system to system. It’s a lifestyle he has grown to love and many people are enjoying keeping tabs on the player’s travels and thoughts through his social media.

Bedtime stories. For @Vice – stay tuned for the documentary coming out soonish. #vanlife #jkl

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