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Bills Rookie Celebrates Too Early

Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills

Even though Bills rookie Sammy Watkins ended up having a breakout day against the Jets, he made a very big blunder.

And when it comes time to look back at this game, more people will remember his mistake than his great touchdown catch that make later.

Namely, Watkins hauled in a pass from Bills quarterback Kyle Orton and was about to take it to the house for 89 yard. However, he started celebrating and pointing to the crowd a little too soon, which enable a Jets defender to catch up to the speedy wide out and take him down before he could cross into the end zone and score.

He made amends later when he caught another long touchdown pass, but people who have him in fantasy football are probably never going to be able to forgive him for the one that got away. The Bills ended up defeating the Jets 43-23.

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