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Biggest Steals In NBA Draft History


13. Manu Ginobili

If we were to come up with a formula that would take into consideration the number of the pick with which a player was drafted and the impact he has had on his team and the league in general, Manu Ginobili would definitely come out on top as the greatest draft steal of all times. The team who came away with the steal? San Antonio Spurs, of course.

The Spurs picked Manu with the 57th overall pick. There were only 58 picks in that, 1999 NBA Draft. This means that Manu almost went undrafted. Looking back at it now, this feels unreal.

He played in his native Argentina and in Italy for years before finally joining the Spurs in 2002. In 2003, he already had a ring on his finger. He would earn three more and become the part of the Spurs Big Three with Tim Duncan and Tony Parker. He would also become one of the best bench players in the history of the game, posting numbers that were usually only posted by starters.

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