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Big Name NFL Players Sign Huge Contracts


As the deadline for signing players to franchise tags loomed on Wednesday afternoon, many NFL teams raced to try and agree to terms with their star players for long-term contracts instead. And most were successful in doing so.

Two of the biggest receivers in the game got the money they were looking for. Both the Dallas Cowboys and the Denver Broncos gave their star receivers, Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas respectively, five-year deals worth $70 million. Thomas’ deal was actually slightly better, since he is getting $3 million more in guaranteed money than Bryant is.

However, Detroit Lions star Calvin Johnson is still the highest paid receiver in the league, making more than $16 million per year. The Kansas City Chiefs also locked up their defensive star the 26-year-old sack king Justin Houston, giving him a six-year deal worth $101 million with $52.5 million guaranteed.

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