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Best NBA Players Who Never Won A Title


2. Karl Malone

Karl Malone is arguably the best power forward ever to play the game. This is especially true if you do not consider Tim Duncan a power forward but a center, which he is by the way. Charles Barkley may be in the running, but if you were to look at the numbers and especially the defense he played, The Mailman was the man.

Nowadays, people seem to be unwilling to pay respect to Karl, seemingly forgetting the kind of player he was. He was a total beast. If you think LeBron James is athletic, you should have seen Malone in his prime. And the weird thing is that his prime lasted well into his late 30s.

Karl Malone played in the NBA Finals three times, twice with the Utah Jazz and the third time in his last season in the league as member of the Los Angeles Lakers. The first two times, he became a victim of the 1990s, Jordan-led Chicago Bulls and the third time, he became a victim of egos and a rift in the Lakers team.

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