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Bears Receiver Offers Troll $25,000 For Fight

Chicago Bears v San Francisco 49ers

Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall got into it with a fan of the Detroit Lions on social media.

He stated on this Twitter account that the Lions are like the Bears’ little brother. And of course, Detroit fans were not too happy about that.

One man in particular took great offense, and responded to Marshall by saying terrible things about his mother. Marshall responded and told the man that he would pay him $5,000 to fight him.

The man did not seem to want any part of the challenge, but asked if Marshall was able to pay more for the fight. Marshall then offered him $25,000 to fight, but only if he would apologize about what he said about his mom.

The fan backed away, and of course, was never heard from again. It was just another case of some guy on the Internet who couldn’t back up his tough talk.

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