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Baylor DE Performs Crazy Box Jump


We already know that Baylor defensive end Shawn Oakman is a physical freak. Pictures of him flooded the Internet last year, frightening offensive lineman around the country. Oakman stands at 6’9” and about 280 pounds of solid muscle. Looking at the pictures of Oakman in full pads with his chiseled abdomen exposes is downright frightening.

Simply put, the dude is absolutely enormous and scary looking. So it might not be a surprise that he recently performed a physical stunt that completely flabbergasted everyone. Sure, we’ve seen football players with ridiculous verticals do amazing box jumps.

But have we ever seen a 6’9”, 280-pound lineman do a 40-inch box jump with holding a 70-pound dumbbell in each hand? Probably not. But that’s exactly what Oakman did and he posted a video of it online to prove it.

Hopefully he’ll get a call to attend the NFL draft combine one say so that we can see more of his freakish athleticism at work.

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