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Basketball Player Steals Ball With Fake Handshake Move (VIDEO)


The Portland basketball team was beating their in-state rivals Portland State by 14 points with a few seconds left in the game and didn’t want to run up the score.

So they held on to the ball. But one Portland State player wasn’t having it. Guard Bryce White came towards Portland’s Alec Wintering, who had the ball and was waiting for time to expire, pretended he was coming in for a friendly handshake, poked the ball away and went down the court to dunk it as the game clock hit 0.

The Portland fans certainly didn’t like what they saw, but it didn’t matter in the end, Portland State still ended up losing by 12 points.

It’s a good think that the two teams are not going to meet again this year, because chances are that Portland would mercilessly run up the score and annihilate Portland State if they got another chance to face them this season.

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