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Astros Optimistically Prepare To Reschedule Taylor Swift Concert If Necessary


The Houston Astros are not really considered to be a playoff team. Most people who follow the MLB don’t think that they are going to have a chance of making it into October, but the organization is not giving up.

Taylor Swift has announced a tour of stadiums in the fall of 2015, and she is scheduled to play a show in Houston in October. The organization has announced that if they do need to hold a playoff game on that night, there will be a plan to move the show elsewhere or make sure that the game will be played.

But if you’re a Taylor Swift fan, count on the show going off without a hitch. The Astros have not made the playoffs since 2008. In fact, over the last four seasons, the team has averaged less than 60 wins a year. But it’s always fun to dream.

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