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Are The Rams Headed To Los Angeles?


There is a good chance that the St. Louis Rams could be headed back to Los Angeles in the very near future. Some say that it might even happen by 2016. Last year, Rams owner Stan Kroenke purchased over 60 acres of land next to the Forum in Inglewood.

It has now been announced by the Hollywood Park Land Company that they are teaming up with Kroenke to start building an NFL stadium on that land.

There is also a “City of Champions Revitalization Project” in the pipeline on the Inglewood municipal ballot in 2015, which will soon start gathering signatures for the implementation of the plans.

According to the plans, the stadium will have 80,000 seats.

The project also includes plans for the construction of a 60,000-seat concert venue, retail complexes, a hotel, and up-scale residential buildings.

Los Angeles lost both the Rams and the Raiders in 1994 and there have been plans to bring a football team back to the country’s second biggest media market ever since.

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