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Are NFL Star DeAngelo Williams’ Wedding Photos Just Plain Dumb?


The video we are about to share with you starts off with the Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams all disheveled and screaming in his wedding suit. It soon becomes obvious that he is being chased by a bunch of zombies. They catch up with him and get down to some player-chomping. Even the priest wants a bite.


The next scene has him and his bride to be, Risalyn, running away from the zombified wedding party in slo-mo.

We know what you are thinking.. This is the trailer for a God-awful movie with a top athlete in the starring role. Thankfully, it isn’t, but it is DeAngelo’s wedding photoshoot.

As it turns out, DeAngelo is a huge Walking Dead fan and he wanted to do something special for his wedding photos and organize a shoot where everyone would appear as zombies. He apparently managed to convince his future wife to go along with it, together with the entire wedding party.

The happy couple still hasn’t released the photos, but we are sure they are a riot.

Like him or hate him as a player, but the man is definitely one fun family guy.

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