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All The Crazy And Not So Crazy Stuff That Happened During NFL’s Week 16


NFL’s week 16 is all but behind us and we have had quite a few surprises happen, with even more games complicating the playoff odds and matchups. It’s been quite a Christmassy week in football so let’s take a look at who did what.

The Oakland Raiders and the San Diego Chargers played a game of no real importance since it had no effect on playoffs changes for either team. It was Charles Woodson’s final home game of what is definitely going to be a Hall of Fame career when all is said and done. His team won 23-20 after overtime and we thanked the fans after the game.

The Washington Redskins were in Philadelphia, taking on the Eagles and they went home with a win in the end, 38-24. The man who decided the game was Kirk Cousins who 31 of 46 for four touchdowns and 365 yards. The Eagles’ defense simply could not handle him.

The game between the Buffalo Bills and the Dallas Cowboys was a tough battle, locked at 6-6 for the most of the game. The Bills first had a field goal for 9-6 and then they scored a surprise 50-yard touchdown thanks to Mike Gillislee to put the final score at 16-6.

The Detroit Lions hosted the San Francisco 49ers and after the first touchdown of the game, it was the 49ers who looked the better team. Unfortunately for them, that was it. The Lions took over the game after that to win the game 32-17.

The Cleveland Browns and the Kansas City Chiefs played a messy game in Kansas City and it was Johnny Manziel who most people will blame. His game was just not what you’d expect from a starting QB in this league.

The Indianapolis Colts went to Miami where they beat the home Dolphins, but unfortunately for them, other games have worked out in a way that almost all but makes their playoffs an impossibility this year.

The New England Patriots went to New York to play the Giants and the game went to overtime. The Pats made a mistake uncharacteristic for them and the Jets took advantage of it. They won 26-20.

The Houston Texans played the Tennessee Titans and it was a complete and total blowout. Mettenberg displayed an astonishing array of bad plays and the Texans won 34-6.

The Carolina Panthers are no longer perfect on the season as they lost to the Atlanta Falcons who finally showed what they are capable of, months into the season. The low number of total yards was what lost the Panthers the game, 20-13.

In Baltimore, the home Ravens were hosting the Pittsburg Steelers and to everyone’s surprise, they won the game 20-17. This complicates the Steelers’ playoff chances, taking them from almost certain to largely improbable postseason team.

The Chicago Bears and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers played a mistake-riddled game which the Buccaneers lost by being the more careless team. The game ended 26-21 for the Bears.

The New Orleans Saints and the Jacksonville Jaguars played an exciting game in New Orleans and it was Drew Brees who was controlling the game from start to finish with one of the best performances of his career. In the end, the Saints prevailed 38-27.

The Green Bay Packers haven’t looked great in a while, but this lopsided loss to the Arizona Cardinals was just brutal. Believe it or not, but they played worse than the 38-8 score would indicate.

Despite what some people would want you to think after the Seattle Seahawks lost to St. Louis Rams 21-17 ,the Seahawks are still a much better team. This game held no importance for them and they sort of went through the motions.

The New York Giants were out of the playoffs following the Redskins’ victory over the Eagles and they were just not in this one. The Minnesota Vikings came out with all guns blazing and they demolished the Giants 49-10 to further their claim for NFC North’s top spot.

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