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A-Rod Paid Cousin To Keep Silent About PED Use


 It is no secret that baseball star Alex Rodriguez used performance enhancing drugs, even though he tried to keep it a secret for years.

It has now been confirmed that he paid his cousin Yuri Sucart $900,000 to make sure that he would not tell anybody about the fact that he purchased and used PEDs.

This story was uncovered by writers of the New York Daily News, who added that it was Sucart actually who was blackmailing Rodriguez the entire time.

A-Rod ended up caving and paid his cousin $700,000 in a confidential settlement and ended up giving him three more payments that totaled to another $200,000 of bribe money.

According to ESPN sources, Sucart has been arrested and charged by federal authorities for conspiracy to distribute testosterone and human growth hormone. It is also likely that Rodriguez will be a witness for the prosecution once the case goes to trial.

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