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20 Surprising Facts About LeBron James


2. Finishing High School

Some experts say that LeBron was good enough to enter the NBA draft after his first year of high school. However, the NBA obviously would not allow a child that was only 16 years old to sign a professional contract and play for the league.

After two outstanding seasons at St. Vincent-St Mary, he showed clearly that he was the best player in the country on the high school level and probably better than ever college basketball player in the country as well.

After his third year of high school, LeBron petitioned the NBA to allow him to enter the draft, but he failed to convince them to do so. LeBron had to play a full year more and graduate high school before he could play in the NBA.

He did so and after finishing his senior year of high school, he was allowed to enter the NBA draft and was selected as the first pick of the draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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