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20 Surprising Facts About LeBron James


Everyone knows King James is the best basketball player in the NBA, but maybe there are things you probably didn’t know about him and we’ve decided to share the details.

1. High School Football Star

Not many people know that LeBron was not only a star on his high school basketball team, but that he was also an amazing talent on the football field as well.

In fact, he probably could have received a scholarship to a Division 1 school as a wide receiver. In his junior year, he was already an All-State receiver in Ohio, which is one of the states with the most talent when it comes to football recruitment.

However, he chose to sit out his senior year after breaking a finger. He surely realized that playing football could lead to an injury that could jeopardize his basketball career.

Since he was not able to leave school and sign with an NBA team after his junior year, he decided to leave football and the risk of injury behind and focus on basketball for his fourth year of high school, which would be his final year playing as an amateur.

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  • NoWeakness

    Lebron – If you’re as good as you think you are, you should have stayed in Cleveland to prove your greatness! When you take the Cavaliers to the finals – on your own shoulders – then we’ll call you greatness.

    You are surrounded by talent in Miami – and some are much better than you. What a friggin’ joke! And what kind of name is Lebron, anyway?!

    • BigD

      You dumb as ###! He did take them to the finals in 07. That was the problem in Cleveland they didn’t surround him with talent like Miami and he still took the to the Finals. Do your research before you make a comment

    • pfunkrandy

      Your name is NoWeakness but maybe it should be “Don’t know what your talking about” Lebron took a bunch of no talent players on the Cavs to the finals back in 2007 and two other years had the best record in the league for the regular season with the Cavs and also had two league MVP with them. . So if anyone on the Heat is better than Lebron then why did Lebron win league MVP twice and finals MVP twice with the Heat instead of that other player you think is better than him. Your just a hater

    • rojocube

      Wade and Allen are at the end of their’s all castaways after those two. After wade retires James won’t win jack

  • brian

    One fact, known by most, the guy is a dooshbag.

  • rojocube

    Clearly his biological father is Greg Oden.

  • rojocube

    his mom also hooked up with delmonte west. his step father. he finally met his real father who signed with miami for cheap ring greg oden

    Don’t remove my comments thanks

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