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8 Things You Should Know About The Minnesota Vikings


Just about everyone knows that the Minnesota Vikings were founded in 1960 and have been one of the most successful NFL franchises never to win a Super Bowl after having played in four. Here are 8 things you did NOT know about them.

1. Nordic Tradition

The Vikings name is not only a reference to strength, but it’s a salute and shout-out to the Nordic tradition found in this Midwestern state. It’s also believed by many that the Vikings explored this far west over 1,000 years ago.

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  • dylan

    The Vikings also have the highest winning percentage in NFL history.

    • SuperG

      And the lowest winning percentage in the Super Bowl.

  • Steven P Chiolan

    9. Their punter Chris Kluwe was a proponent for gay rights and was commended by the owner for his activism. The special teams coach was anti-gay and a bigot who got the rest of the coaches to run him out of town and assure that he never worked in the NFL again despite being a good enough punter to make the roster on most teams.

    • bishop24230

      Kluwe was not even good enough to make the Oakland Raiders.

      • Steven P Chiolan

        And that couldn’t possibly be due to the Raiders having the #1 punter in the league this year. Oh, wait, it is because of that. Kluwe’s stats would easily make him better than half the punters in the league this year. If Eli Manning or Russell Wilson wasn’t playing this year everyone would be freaking out but since he’s a punter the league can get away with this kind of bigotry.

  • SuperG

    The others don’t matter…Vikings Hall of Fame defensive lineman Alan Page went on to become a justice on the Minnesota State Supreme Court.

  • daleford

    Bud Grant lettered in 3 sports @ the U of M. played pro ball for 2 tms, Eagles & Lakers. Spielman is the worst exec. in the NFL.

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