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15 NFL Coaches That Failed Miserably At Their Jobs

While there have been dozens of coaching failures recently in the NFL, I conducted a list of what I think are the 7 biggest failures.

These coaches deserve enshrinement into the Pro Football Suck Hall of Fame.

1. Todd Haley, Kansas City Chiefs

Thanks to Romeo Crenel’s defense, Haley fluked his way to an AFC West title in 2010. He followed that up by getting fired with 3 games to go in 2011. His first season, 2009, his team managed an unimpressive 4-12 record. Coach Haley hasn’t been missed by Chiefs fans one bit since his departure.

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  • David Kendrick

    How do you mention McDaniels without bringing up blowing a #1 pick on Tim Tebow?

  • malevolentmuse

    Re: GaryKubiak — you can’t “build a franchise up” and claim their failed miserably. I’m not saying he’s a great coach, but the fact you included him on this list makes me question your ability to judge everyone else on it.

  • Sinclair Phos

    And Lovie Smith is not on this list because? Ok so his Chicago Bears were slightly above .500. THe stats tell one story. The reality is he was A defensive coordinator with the title of head football coach. He had no idea how to be a head football coach….and there ya go. Extend the list to 20 and get this man on the list.

  • Lee Reilly

    A list of coaches who “failed miserably” and Dave Wannstedt is not on the list! YIKES!

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