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260 NFL Players Have Been Arrested In The Last Five Years


Just several days after the San Francisco 49ers released star defender Aldon Smith after his fifth arrest in just three years, the issue of player arrests is a hot one once again. San Jose-based sports writer Mike Rosenberg took it upon himself to compile some data related to this issue.

According to the data, 260 NFL players have been arrested in the last five years. The team with the most arrests during this time is the Minnesota Vikings – 18 of their players have been arrested over the last five years.

Coming in second are the Denver Broncos with 16. Even if you look at the last 15 years, the Vikings are still in the lead with 48 player arrests since 2000. The Indianapolis Colts have had the most arrests in the last year, five to be specific. However, the data also shows that the number of arrests does not correlate in any way, positively or negatively, with the team’s ability to win games.

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