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22 Worst Chokes In Sports History


There’s nothing worse in sports than when you are remembered for losing in grand fashion. Choking away games and championships is something that does happen regularly. A lot of the time, teams are more responsible for losing than their opponents are for winning. Here are some of the worst choke jobs in the history of sports.


A tragic ending of a solid season and one of the most embarrassing moments in the life of any self-respecting Bruins fan, the stand-off between the Boston Bruins and the Philadelphia Flyers will be remembered as one of the most unusual playoff games in quite some time.

The Bruins and the Flyers met for the first time in the conference semifinals since 1978, when the Bruins defeated Philadelphia four to one. This time, fate had a different plan. The worst thing about the Bruins’ loss of the series was the fact they were up three games to none. Everything about the series indicated a clear win.

However, the Flyers somehow miraculously managed to overcome the deficit and the teams went to game seven. The decisive moment was a too many men penalty and the resulting power-play goal by the Flyers, who went on to the finals but, much to the Bruins’ fans delight, lost to the Chicago Blackhawks.

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