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21 Worst Teammates In NBA History

3. Stephon Marbury

It is not easy being the “most reviled athlete in New York”. It is something you have to work hard towards, as NYC fans are notoriously hard on people who play for their favorite teams. This is especially the case with the Knicks who have been under the magnifying glass for much of their history. Well, at one point, Stephon Marbury was THAT guy and he had no one else to blame but himself.

It all started in the 2005-06 season when Marbury started feuding with head coach at the time Larry Brown. The team sort of sided with Marbury and they fired Brown the next season. Isiah Thomas took over and for a year, everything seemed alright.

Sometime later, however, Marbury started fighting Thomas too, reportedly getting in fight with him on a plane and threatening to blackmail him for taking him out of the starting lineup. It was the coach who bought it once again. A year later, it all ended with Marbury being banned from attending practices and games. He was effectively told to stay home.

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