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21 Worst Teammates In NBA History


You hear and read about great NBA teammates all the time – guys who are great fun to be around in the locker room, guys who are always pushing the rest of their team to play better and guys who would give a kidney for the guy sitting at the end of the bench.

Today, however, we will be talking about the “other guys”, guys who have been referred to as locker room cancer, guys who do not care what their comments and their actions do to other guys on the team, guys who might be exquisite basketball players but who are not exactly adored by the rest of their teams.

Keep in mind this is not a ranked list.

1. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is the best player that has ever played the game. There are still some people who would rank Wilt or Kareem ahead of MJ, but for most people, His Airness is still the best guy ever to play basketball. And while his teammates probably adore him for all the titles he brought them, some stories have surfaced over the years of Jordan not exactly being the best teammate around.

Due to his insane competitive spirit, Jordan often berated his teammates, most famously Kwame Brown in his years with the Wizards. People say that Jordan literally ruined the young man’s career by constantly criticizing him and pointing out every little thing he did wrong.

On one occasion, MJ also punched Steve Kerr, an overall nice guy and one of the best coaches in the game right now. However, he did not only punch little guys. According to Kerr, at one practice, Jordan punched Will Perdue, a 7-foot-1 mountain of a man who had to be restrained by half the Bulls so he could not retaliate. MJ was a dick.

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