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21 Worst Coaches In NFL History

2. Marty Mornhinweg

If there is any organization that has a lot of bad coaches, then it’s the Detroit Lions. This especially goes for the most recent history of the organization, since Matt Millen took over as the franchise’s GM back in 2001. Even though it’s debatable who exactly the worst coach of modern Lions history was, there’s a good chance that Marty Mornhinweg would get a lot of votes.

His Lions really stunk and he was known for making a lot of bone-headed moves while he was the coach. However, there is probably one decision that he made that everyone remembers most. It was during an overtime game when the Lions actually won the toss and instead of taking the ball, decided to “take the wind.”

Of course, we all know what happened. The opposing team scored right away and the Lions never got the ball in order to take advantage of that awesome wind that Marty was so high on.

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