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21 Worst Coaches In NFL History


As any fan of the National Football League knows, there are two commodities that are the hardest to come by: a franchise quarterback and a great coach. While there are plenty of serviceable coaches out there, the great ones are few and far between.

There are actually way more terrible coaches than good ones. These 21, however, might be the absolute worst head coaches in the history of the league.

1. David Shula

Sometimes it just doesn’t run in the family. Many have made the mistake of hiring coaches based on bloodlines, and it usually does not work out. Sure, David Shula is the son of Don Shula, a certified Hall of Fame coach. But that doesn’t mean that he was able to live up to the family name. He wasn’t even close.

He spent a lot of time under his father learning the ropes, working as a position coach in Miami for seven years. He then moved on to the Cowboys and was there for two terrible years because he got a chance, for some reason, to take a stab at the Bengals head coaching job. David Shula went on to set some records. But not good ones. He was the fastest coach to ever lose 50 games in NFL history.

Thankfully, he realized coaching wasn’t for him and now runs his family steakhouse.

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