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21 Weirdest Sports In The World


Competition is an inseparable part of our DNA and out heritage and there is nothing we can do about it. Why do you think people spend billions on various sporting competitions each year? Humans as a species need to compete because it is a genetic predisposition. The good thing is that we have (for the most part) done away with the killing which used to be part of this competition. We’ve translated it into sports.

The 21 “sports” that we will be talking about today are competitions in the same vein as some more popular and sensible sports that have made it big. They are just weirder, stranger and more insane than anything you can see on TV (apart from curling, it makes as much sense as these sports).

1. Inuit Mouth Pulling

Life in the Arctic Circle is not an easy one. Everywhere you look, there’s nothing but ice, snow, reindeer, and always smiling people. Really, spend some time checking out photos and videos of the various cultures that live towards the North Pole. They are always smiling. Or at least smiling much more often than people who live in relatively much more pampered environment.

The Inuit, one of such peoples, have a very particular sport that is usually played in a family setting and does not really have an established and widespread league. The sport is called the mouth pull.

The rules are quite simple. Two contestants sit next to each other, put their arms around each other’s shoulders and, making their index fingers into hooks, they “fish” their opponent’s mouth. The pulling then starts and the person who gives up first loses. A very interesting fact is that when two people are engaged in the sport, they look like they’re smiling.

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