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21 Ugliest Athletes Of All Time

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2. Sam Cassell

Another retired NBA player who, while he was active, used to confuse people with his appearance, scare little children and inspire speculations about extraterrestrials among us.

Sam Cassell has the kind of head where everything, from its shape to the distribution of features, seems so far from the human standards that you think there is no way he came from this planet.
The biggest problem with Cassell’s face are probably his eyes – they are far, far apart and their shape makes you think of E.T. or something you saw on the X Files. His teeth are another issue. In his lower jaw, he has several of them that look like they came from a whole different person, and one that doesn’t care much for oral hygiene either.

The former point guard is currently an assistant coach of the Los Angeles Clippers, where one of his duties is probably to scare the players into playing well.

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