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21 Ugliest Athletes Of All Time

Popeye Jones of the Dallas Mavericks (R) reacts to

You have to be a lot of things in order to become a successful professional athlete. You must be dedicated, talented, and determined. But you don’t really have to be good looking. Which must have come as a relief for these people.

Here is a list of athletes who were known as much for their athletic skills and achievements as they were known for their unattractive appearances.

1. Popeye Jones

This dude looks more like Shrek than Popeye, but the reference to the famous cartoon sailor isn’t far off either. Legend says that his own momma picked up the nickname when they got home from the hospital and the cartoon was on.

There is a joke that the only thing bigger than Popeye the Sailor’s arms is Popeye Jones’ ears. Sad but true.

The retired power forward who is currently working as an assistant coach for Indiana Pacers has more than just his ears to worry about. There is just so much that went wrong over there, especially on his head. His eyes are bulgy, his smile is crooked and he always looks like he’s surprised or possibly terrified of something.

Making fun of Popeye Jones’ face doesn’t feel right, though. He has sort of a kind face and seems to be a really nice guy.

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