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21 Greatest Underdogs In Sports History


There’s nothing better than the story of an underdog who defies all odds and ends up a winner. Such a story is probably most exhilarating in the world of sports. Here are the greatest underdogs in sports history who overcame and made it to the top.

1. 1980 Men’s U.S. Hockey Team

This is probably the greatest underdog story you’ll ever see outside of Hollywood. It might not be as unbelievable as the movie “Rudy,” but it’s pretty darn close. As most people know, nobody gave the USA Olympic hockey team a chance to win the gold in 1980.

This was a time when NHL players were not participating in the Olympics, so that’s why it was even more unbelievable. Basically, these guys were all amateurs, and most of them pretty inexperienced. And the Russian team was a well-oiled machine that everyone was sure was going to steamroll the competition.

And then the Miracle on Ice occurred, which is what it is still referred to. The USA team was victorious against the Russians and then ended up beating Finland in the final game to take one of the most unexpected golds in Olympic history. They were the ultimate overachieving underdogs.

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