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21 Best Sports Movies Of All Time


Everybody loves a great sports movie. The intensity, the emotions, the twists and turns; these are all associated with the world of sports and it is only logical that these also make for amazing movies. Don’t get us wrong, however, not all sports movies are great. The ones we have chosen are, though.

Our list of the best sports movies is not numbered, meaning that the third movie is not better or worse, in our opinion, than the sixth. These are simply movies about sports that we love and that everyone should see.

1. Rocky

Rocky is a very unique kind of a movie, in more ways than one. For example, it almost didn’t get made because Stallone didn’t want to sell the script if he wasn’t allowed to star as Rocky. He held out, and in the end, the studio gave in and let up to that point of allowing pretty much unknown Sly to star in his own script.

The movie came out in 1976 and it was an instant hit. At the time, Hollywood churned out mostly depressing, cynical movies and the crowds loved the story about an underdog from Philly who makes it against all odds.

To this day, Rocky remains one of the most powerful and motivational movies of all time, showing everyone that they can be a success if they work hard and give it their best. Rocky spawned innumerable sequels, some better than others, but none as gritty, as real and as emotional as the original. Over the years, Rocky became a part of American culture and for all the good reasons.

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