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21 Athletes Who Know All About Style

Cristiano Ronaldo Launches His New CR7 Shirts Collection

6. Christiano Ronaldo

Even if you know absolutely nothing about soccer and you could care less about the game, you have heard of Christiano Ronaldo. He is the biggest name in soccer today and according to people who actually watch the game, he deserves the fame. The guy is a beast.

The best thing is that for the purposes of this list entry we do not have to know a single thing about his career, which we’re sure is great. We are only concerned about his style and his clothing sense. And judging by the stuff we’ve seen, this Portuguese soccer person is one stylish guy.

We’re pretty sure that every one of the suits that he has worn in his life cost more than a few thousand bucks and it shows. He is always immaculately dressed, with his supermodel girlfriend by his side, Irina Shayk.

Ups, scratch that,it seems they just broke up. We’re sure he’ll have no trouble landing another smoldering girlfriend.

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