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21 Athletes Who Know All About Style

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5. Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is one of the best active NBA players and we are sure that by the end of his career he will have a few rings on his fingers and a whole bunch of awards. He is just a balling machine and there is no two ways about it.

Kevin Durant is also one of the best dressers in the NBA today and arguably one of the best dressers in US sports today.

Unlike his teammate Russell Westbrook, Durant likes to keep things classy most of the time, with suits that have a bit of that retro feel to them, with pipe trousers, slim-fit jackets and ties that feel like 1970s throwbacks. In fact, quite often he looks as if he just hung out with Muhammad Ali back in the 1970s and that will always be cool.

Some people are criticizing him that he looks like an NBA mormon, but we feel that he has his style and that it makes him one of the best dressers out there.

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