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21 Athletes Who Know All About Style


One of the great truths is that money and success cannot buy you style. Just take a look at Michael Jordan. The guy has all the money in the world, he’s won everything that can be won, he is the greatest basketball player of all time and yet he dresses like a shop teacher from a South Central school back in 1994. To this very day.

Some athletes think that just because they put on something that no one put before, that this makes them stylish. This is just not true. Just remember some of the outfits that Dwyane Wade wore in the past few seasons, especially the Princess Leia with boots outfit.

More often, it is about dressing smart, finding that cool, stylish and, in most cases toned-down outfit that will still show off your success but that will not try and pound it into people’s heads. The following 21 male athletes have done it better than all the others.

1. Muhammad Ali

We just had to kick off our list with a bang and who better to deliver that bang but the greatest boxer of all time – Muhammad Ali? Sure, his dress sense is not the thing that really made Ali great, but he was still a very stylish guy who knew how to stay cool and stylish without going overboard.

We will always remember Ali for his smarts, his boxing skills and the boxing events that were larger than life in which he fought George Forman, Sonny Liston and Joe Frazier but this dude had style as well.

Just look at the film of him arriving in Zaire wearing  a stylish white shirt and black pants or check him out in his interviews where he always wore perfectly tailored black or gray suits. The man knew how to do it and we will always remember him as one ruthless but stylish fighter.

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