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20 Hottest Ex-Wives Of Athletes


2. Vanessa Williams – Ex-Wife Of Rick Fox

It was obvious that Rick Fox would eventually land a superstar wife, because he’s a seriously good looking dude. Fox actually looks more like an actor than a basketball player, and he did end up doing some acting as well at the end of his career. His hot ex-wife is none other than actress and model Vanessa Williams.

Williams was also a pageant queen and had a successful singing career as well. She is truly a woman that can do it all. The couple got married in 1999, first at a private ceremony in the Caribbean and then they help a New York ceremony in a church for family and friends.

The two ended up splitting in 2004. People spotted Fox with another woman that year, and representatives of the couple said that they had already been separated for over a year. They have one child together and have shared custody of their daughter.

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