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20 Hottest Ex-Wives Of Athletes


The life of a professional athlete isn’t all fun and games. They might be able to land the hottest women because of their money and status, but keeping the relationship together can sometimes be harder than winning a championship.

Here’s a list of the hottest women that call professional athletes their ex-husbands.

1. Kim Kardashian – Ex-Wife Of Kris Humphries

When it comes to hot ex-wives, it doesn’t get any hotter than Kim K. Everyone knows that she is now married to rapper Kanye West and has started a family with him. It seems that people have forgotten all about Kris Humphries, who got married back in 2011.

Their whole romance and wedding looked really creepy. It was all on display for the world to see on her reality show, and it seemed as if the entire relationship was faked just so that a show could be created from it.

And that’s probably what it was. They got divorced 72 days after tying the knot. Humphries probably got some good money out of the entire fiasco, and Kardashian got the ratings she wanted as well. Of course, he was not the only sports star that was married to Kim Kardashian. Kim was also married at one point to Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush.

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