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20 Greatest NFL Quarterbacks of All Time


There is no doubt that quarterback is the most important position on an NFL team. Without a good quarterback, or at least an adequate game manager at the helm, your team doesn’t stand a chance of making it to the Super Bowl.

Here is a list of twenty greatest athletes to ever line up behind the center and take snaps as NFL quarterbacks.

1. Joe Montana

Unquestionably, Joe Montana is the No. 1 quarterback in American football history up to this point. Now retired, Montana was a clutch fourth-quarter performer, an indisputable leader and a marvelous football player.

Throwing the ball extremely accurate, he never allowed the defense to have time to relax.  On top of that, he almost never missed an open man. His confidence and capability in the playoffs were crucial for building one of the greatest dynasties ever.

Being an essential part of that dynasty, Montana was basically the king of comeback and he ended his career with a total of 31 comebacks in the fourth quarter.

 One of the most enduring and persistent NFL players of all time, Montana is the top NFL quarterback mainly because of his amazing ability to recover from injury and continue where he left off. He finished his career with eight Pro Bowl selections and two NFL MVP awards.

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