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20 Greatest Comeback Victories In Sports History

2. Houston Rockets vs. San Antonio Spurs (2004)

This was an ordinary regular season game, so there really was nothing big to play for, but that does not mean that it wasn’t an absolutely insane comeback. The Rockets were trailing the Spurs by ten points with only one minute left in the game.

And that’s when Tracy McGrady caught fire. McGrady completely blacked out and started scoring at an insane rate. If you want to talk about a player putting the entire team on his back and leading them to victory, this is probably the best example of this ever.

McGrady simply could not miss, and he ended up scoring 15 points in less than a minute to cement the victory for the Rockets. The Spurs were absolutely shocked and could only watch in disbelief as McGrady kept sinking shot after shot to take the game out from under them. It was truly one of the most impressive highlights of McGrady’s long and storied career.

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