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20 Greatest Comeback Victories In Sports History


When it comes to sports, there is truly nothing more exhilarating to behold as a fan than a great come from behind victory. Whenever a team that appears to be completely down and out makes an incredibly rally to take the game in the end, we all stand up and cheer.

Here are 20 such moments in sports history that athletes who pulled off the seemingly impossible to come from behind and snag a glorious victory.

1. Liverpool vs. AC Milan (2005)

This is our best comeback moment because anyone who is a fan of soccer knows that goals are not easy to score.And when a world class team takes a three goal lead, you can usually say that the game is over.

That is exactly what happened in 2005, when Liverpool took on AC Milan in this glorious Champions League Final. As predicted, AC Milan absolutely dominated the first half and took a commanding lead over Liverpool.

We wouldn’t be surprised if many Liverpool fans actually exited the stadium and didn’t get to see how the game turned out in the end. Liverpool struck back in the second half and did what everyone thought was impossible.

They scored three goals in a span of only six minutes. This forced a shootout in the end, which Liverpool ended up winning by a score of three goals to two and took their fifth European cup title in brilliant fashion.

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