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20 Craziest Things Dennis Rodman Has Ever Done


2. Action Star

Rodman was never the best at making decision, but probably one of the worst ones he has ever made was when he decided that he wanted to get into acting.

While Dennis was good at a lot of things, acting was not one of them. Thankfully, he only had a couple of shots at it. What we got was some terrible straight to DVD action movies.

The biggest movie was probably Double Team, a movie in which he starred with action star Jean-Claude Van Damme. It was a terrible movie through and through, earning Rodman some Razzies, which are like the opposite of Oscars, from Worst New Star, Worst Supporting Actor and he and JCVD won Worst Screen Couple as well.

And then there was a movie about skydiving called Cutaway which not many saw. Rodman appeared in a couple more movies, and all of them range from being bad to completely unwatchable. Stick to basketball, Dennis.

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