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20 Craziest Things Dennis Rodman Has Ever Done


If you are looking for crazy in the National Basketball Association, there has never been a player that has been more insane than “The Worm,” Dennis Rodman. He has done so many crazy things over the years that most people forget that he was actually a pretty great player.

Rodman was a dominant defender for most of his years in the league and was without a doubt the best rebounder in the history of the NBA, which he has records to prove.

But he was also one of the most entertaining figures to ever put on an NBA jersey. Let’s take a look at the 20 craziest moments in his career as we celebrate the insanity that was and is Dennis Rodman.

1. The Wedding Dress

In the 1990s, Rodman was at the height of his career and at the height of his madness. What better time to release a biography? It was a great move, since it became a best-seller. Obviously everyone wanted to read the book, because unlike the biographies of most athletes, Rodman’s book was probably closer in style to the biography of a rock star.

Of course, Rodman could not have a normal book release, because Rodman never did anything normal. He showed up to the opening promotion of his book wearing a wedding dress and done up in full makeup. Strange looks were nothing new for Rodman, but this was probably the strangest of all.

He said that he was bisexual and that he had decided that he was going to marry himself. It was later revealed that Rodman receive 10 million dollars from the designer of the dress to wear it, so that actually might make his stunt a little less crazy, since we’d probably all do it for that kind of money.

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