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20 Craziest Professional Athletes of All Time


3. Tiger Woods

You would have to be crazy to blow everything that Woods was able to blow in his career. He was on his way to become the best golfer of all time, and he probably still will be considered one of the greatest, but it definitely came at a cost.

Woods was winning money on tour like there was no tomorrow and he had so many lucrative endorsement deals that he couldn’t even keep track of them. And then the adultery problems happened. It was found out that Woods had been notoriously cheating on his wife, and this news really killed his endorsements and made him take a break from golf as well.

He was eventually able to return and he is still playing, but talk about getting the winds knocked out of your sails. Even if he is still playing fairly well, Woods was obviously never the same player again, and he will never be able to regain his squeaky clean reputation that led to so many big endorsements worldwide.

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