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20 Craziest Professional Athletes of All Time


When it comes to professional athletes, it’s hard to deny the fact that they are gifted and talented at what they do. But that does not mean that they are completely normal. While there are plenty of professional athletes who are great role models and act like completely normal people on and off the competitive field, there are some who are just completely insane.

Here is a look at 20 of the craziest people to ever play professional sports.

1. Mike Tyson

There will probably never be another athlete as crazy as Mike Tyson. When talking about the crazy things that this legendary boxer has done, you really don’t know where to start.

Maybe it was the time he bit off a piece of boxer Evander Holyfield’s ear while fighting him? Or maybe it was the time he got a tribal tattoo across the side of his face?

There are just too many things to note in the long and crazy career of the famed fighter. He has been arrested too many times to account and even served long prison sentences for his violent behavior. He seems to have calmed down a bit now, but is still crazy.

You can see him spoofing himself in television shows and movies all of the time. So at least he has accepted his craziness and is using it to further promote himself. All in all, he’s definitely the craziest athlete of all time.

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