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20 Biggest NFL Draft Busts Of All Time


2. Adam “Pacman” Jones

Being labeled a bust is not always about what you did in your career, it’s about what you did for the team that drafted you. And when it comes to what Jones did for the Titans, who drafted him sixth overall, he was definitely a huge bust.

The thing about Jones is that he was a pretty good player. At cornerback, he had some productive years with the Titans, even if was only two years. He managed to get four interceptions, one which he ran back for a touchdown, and four fumble recoveries. He was also great on special teams, taking four punt returns into the end zone.

However, he had serious problems off the field and was constantly making headlines with his unprofessional behavior, which led to constant suspensions. Even after he got traded to the Cowboys and then the Bengals, his problems off the field did not see an end. 

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