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20 Biggest NFL Draft Busts Of All Time


Some might say that making it into the NFL is an achievement on its own, considering that a very small percentage of the best college football players end up making it onto an NFL roster. But when you are being drafted in the first round, there is always another set of expectations.

You are expected to be someone who is going to make a mark and become a pillar of the team if you are taken in the first round, and when that does not happen, the player is often labeled a bust. Here are 20 of the biggest bust in NFL history. These are all players who were drafted with great expectations, but failed to meet them and ended up being a great disappointment to the franchise.

1. Ryan Leaf

Leaf just might be the biggest bust in the entire history of the NFL draft. What makes his case even more famous is the fact that there was only one player that was drafted ahead of him, and that player was future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning.

The Colts took Manning with the first pick and the Chargers ended up getting Leaf as their new quarterback with the second pick.

Leaf had an absolutely dreadful and very short career. He played two seasons with the team and complete less than half of his passes. He only threw 13 touchdown passes while throwing an astounding 33 interceptions. Not only that, he also had 20 fumbles, half of which were turnovers.

He also had some problems off the field, which of course did not help him either. It’s funny that the Chargers chose to draft Peyton’s brother Eli several of years later with the first pick, but then ended up trading him to New York for their current signal caller Philip Rivers.

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