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11 NBA Thrillers That Went Down Last Night


Eleven games were played in the NBA last night and we witnessed some truly great moments that will stay with us for quite some time.

Kobe and his LA Lakers were in Charlotte and it was Jordan himself who welcomed Kobe to Charlotte with a taped message. As we have already grown accustomed this year, the Lakers lost, 108-98 and the guy who destroyed them was Kemba Walker who scored 38 points, eighteen of them in the last quarter.

Atlanta Hawks were in Indiana where they played the Pacers, hoping to extend their winning streak with a victory over an Eastern Conference rival. Unfortunately for them, it didn’t really work out as the home Pacers played a tough game, with Monta Ellis leading the way and George Hill making a steal in the crucial moments of the game. The Pacers prevailed 93-87.

The Orlando Magic are continuing with excellent play this season, this time beating the New Orleans Pelicans, 104-89. Until the Pelicans get back to health, it is obvious that Anthony Davis cannot beat serious teams on his own.

Blake Griffin-less Los Angeles Clippers were in Washington and everyone expected the Wizards to take this one. The Clips had something to say about that, crushing the home team 108-91. Chris Paul and Jama Crawford were the main cogs in the Clips machine last night.

The Brooklyn Nets haven’t exactly been great this year, but for some reason, they always bring their best when playing the Miami Heat. It happened down in Florida last night too, with Wayne Ellington once again downing 7 threes against the Heat. In the end, the score was 111-105 to the Nets.

No one knows which Chicago Bulls will take the court each night, but yesterday, it was the Good Bulls who showed up to host the Toronto Raptors. It was Tony Snell and Pau Gasol who led the team in scoring, enough for a 104-97 victory.

The Dallas Mavericks are just rolling this season and the last casualty were the Milwaukee Bucks who stayed in the game for much longer than anyone expected. However, two timely threes from Wesley Matthews were enough to ensure a 103-93 win for the Mavs.

The San Antonio Spurs remain perfect at home this season after beating the Minnesota Timberwolves 101-95. The Spurs were without Tim Duncan and they played most of the game without Gregg Popovich on the sidelines after he was ejected from the game for an altercation with the referees. The unlikely Spurs hero was 7-foot-three Boban Marjanovic who went 7 of 7 from the field.

The Phoenix Suns are struggling and the team to hand them their fifth loss in a row were the Cleveland Cavaliers who are very happy to have Kyrie Irving back on the court. His contribution was key in a game in which LeBron was struggling.

The ugliest game of the night was played in Salt Lake City where the very short-handed found a way to beat the Philadelphia 76ers who managed to come back from a 20-plus point deficit.

The Golden State Warriors did their thing and beat the Sacramento Kings 122-103. Steph Curry had zero points with three minutes left in the first half. He then went on to score 17 points in those three minutes. Just insane.

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